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Trump Could Face Criminal Charges For Attempted Coup



Investigators say that it is too early in the investigation to potentially rule out criminal charges for Trump for an attempted coup.

Video of Sen. Dick Durbin on CNN’s State Of The Union:

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Sen. Durbin, “Is what you’re seeing and describing an attempted coup? “

The Senator from Illinois answered, “Well, they were going through the ordinary process. It wasn’t as if the president was removing the attorney general and making pronouncements, which would happen anyway coup, I guess, by classic definition. It was leading up to that process.”

Bash followed up, “Last question, have you spoken to the current attorney general, Merrick Garland, and do you think there’s potential for criminal charges?”

Durbin answered,I don’t know the answer to that. It’s too early in the investigation. “

The Senate Judiciary Committee Could Refer Trump For Criminal Prosecution

The early evidence, as provided by former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, is damning. Trump personally and directly tried to pressure the DOJ into intervening in the election for him.

Trump didn’t have other people do it. He tried to use the weight and power of his office to stage a coup.

Sen. Durbin described Trump as building up to a coup with his DOJ pressure, but Trump’s campaign inside the White House, along with his funding and planning of the 1/6 rally, looks a lot like a coup attempt.

The big takeaway at the early phase of the investigation is that the door is not closed on Trump being criminally charged.,

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