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Brazil fines Apple $1.9M for not including charger in iPhone 12 box | AppleInsider



lkrupp said:
Easy fix, just raise the prices of Brazilian iPhones to cover the cost of the forced inclusion of a charger. $50 ought to be about right.

yeah – $50 for a charger that costs Apple $0.50?

fred1 said:
This is nuts. Companies don’t have the right to include or not any accessories with their products? Or to decide what their warranty covers? What’s next, the state determining prices?

nice strawman – no one is talking about price controls. (what while we’re at it, maybe we can say that Brazil’s decision means the next step is providing healthcare to their consumers? Apple has to follow local laws, like every other company. Besides, this was very clearly an economic decision that Apple tried to couch as an environmental one. All Apple needed to do was offer a free charger for those who wanted/needed one – problem solved. 

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